This is a letter that will document and show our gratitude for being the Telecommunications communications coordinator for the Artesian Water Co. Since you have taken on this roll, all of our headaches and nightmares concerning telecommunications providers and services have gone away. Jesse, you make life easier and better. I rest assured knowing that an expert is available, that can quickly and efficiently address all of our concerns. Thank you for all of your help!

Joel Burbach, Artesian Water Co, Racine, WI

It certainly has been a pleasure dealing with someone such as yourself who has a high level of knowledge in the telecommunications industry and can direct anyone in the right direction. I truly appreciate your honesty and your willingness to help me out with tough situations as well as the “little stuff”. The services you offer are very helpful to me, not to mention saving our company hundreds of dollars each month. As soon as our contact is up with AT&T, all of our phone services will go through you and I would highly recommend your company to others.

Sherri Yanke, Productivity Wisconsin, Pewaukee, WI

Thank you again for all your help in restructuring our entire telecommunications program. The years we have done business together has been a pleasant experience, thanks to your help and concern. Your help in setting up our phone service, and other functions that has really helped us to put together a cost effective and professional telecommunications program. In our industry, reliable communications are our lifeline – without them we simply cannot do business. And thanks to your service, we have never had one serious problem, and receive excellent service.  Keep up the good work.

Nick Fiore, Surface Transport Inc., Milwaukee WI

I want to write this letter to thank you for all your help. Not only are saving our Company a lot of time and money, but you also are always willing to go above and beyond to help us in all matters concerning our entire telecommunications program. I really appreciate everything you are doing for our Company. Thank You.

Charleen Lamp, Ewald Automotive Group, Milwaukee WI

I cannot thank you enough for all the help you have given me at Prostaff and Dickten and Masch. When I was asked to take on the phone system here and I knew you were watching over our account I said not a problem because I know from experience that you will help me no matter what the need or how little the request. I also really appreciate all the time you spent on looking over our telecommunications contracts. I know that you did extra work on that project. I look forward to working with you in the years to come.

Christy Jewell, Prostaff and Dickten & Masch, Nashotah, WI

On behalf of our company, I would like to thank you for the service and personal attention you have provided to Best Electric Supply Corporation. You have saved us both time and money on our entire telecommunications program.  I know the importance of treating customers well, and you do an exemplary job at it!   The bottom line is that I would highly recommend your telecommunications services to any other company.

Anna Kook, Best Electric Supply Corporation, Milwaukee, WI