Cloud Based Phone Solutions

Alternative Communications, Inc. represents the top-rated Cloud-based phone systems available. These systems include many different tools that will allow your business to increase productivity, enhance customer experience, eliminate downtime by 100%, save you time, and reduce the cost of your telecommunications program by as much as 65%.

Rather than maintaining phone system software on a server (i.e.) a Private Branch Exchange, or PBX) in your office, you can purchase a Cloud-based phone service from a provider and pay on a subscription on a monthly basis. This means you won't have to pay for maintenance of the equipment, mechanical malfunctions, or additional I.T. hours to keep your system up and running. These issues are dealt with using the help of a live technical support expert that is available 24/7/365.

What exactly are the benefits of a Cloud based phone system for you and your business? What are the drawbacks? Contact the professionals at ACI and speak to someone live who is willing to assist you today.  Our number one goal is to exceed your expectations by offering you the latest information for your specific needs. Find out what it means to partner with a company that makes you the champion and finally provides you with a completely new and effortless experience.

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