As an ACI customer, what happens if I have a billing or service issue?

We manage your entire telecommunications program, so all you have to do is make one phone call to us, and we will deal with all your service providers and equipment vendors to insure your problems are solved as quickly and easily as possible.

Can ACI help us if we have existing contracts?

Yes, even if you have existing contracts, we are frequently able to increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your current telecommunication systems.

Can ACI help our business move or add locations?

One of the frequent headaches with moving a business or adding locations is insuring that the telecommunications are moved without service disruptions. We will coordinate your telecommunications move, making the transition as seamless as possible.

How is ACI different from other telecommunication consulting services?

Alternative Communications Inc. is an independent agent representing many top rated local, long distance, data and equipment providers. We have the experience and relationships to help you get the best telecommunications program for your business. We provide one point of contact in managing the telecommunications for your business.

I have a staff that can handle this. Why should I call ACI?

With our continual research, experience and industry contacts, we can save you more money than if your staff contacts telecommunication providers themselves. With today’s technology, there are many ways to configure telecommunication programs to increase speed, efficiency and decrease cost. It is no longer as simple as calling and getting the cheapest rate because the rate quoted may not be for the best overall telecommunications program for your business.  Not only do we save you money on your monthly bills, your staff is freed up to handle your other business needs.

Where are ACI customers located?

While most Alternative Communications Inc. customers are located in Wisconsin and Illinois, we do service many customers with nationwide locations.

What is your fee for an audit?

Our fee for an audit is one month’s savings.  If you do not save money, there is no fee.  You are not billed until the savings show up on your monthly bill. We provide a follow up audit documenting your savings before you are ever billed from Alternative Communications Inc.

How can I get an audit?

Just call us, and we will pick up a copy of your existing bills. We will provide a no obligation audit with little of your time required.

How long has ACI been in business?

Alternative Communications became incorporated in December, 1995 after identifying the needs of many businesses to find more cost effective and efficient telecommunications service and technology. Alternative Communications Inc. services a variety of businesses of all sizes. References gladly provided.

How common are telecom billing errors?

Billing errors are becoming more and more common as the level of telecommunication technology increases. Our customers are frequently being overbilled, and Alternative Communications Inc. has been effective in obtaining refunds for our customers, as well as reducing monthly bills.